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Lucifer – the master of dark powers or the one who brings the light?

March 18, 2015

Luce ber (luce per in an Armenian dialect) means to bring the light” in Armenian. Accordingly, the Grimms’ and Verner’s laws show b-p-f changes in linguistics as the followings: Grimm’s law consists of three parts which form consecutive phases in the sense of a chain shift. The phases are usually constructed as follows:

Proto-Indo-European voiceless stops change into voiceless fricatives.
Proto-Indo-European voiced stops become voiceless stops.
Proto-Indo-European voiced aspirated stops become voiced stops or fricatives (as allophones).
This chain shift can be abstractly represented as:

bʰ > b > p > ɸ
dʰ > d > t > θ
gʰ > g > k > x
gʷʰ > gʷ > kʷ > xʷ

PIE *p *t *k *kʷ *s
Grimm *ɸ *θ *x *xʷ
Verner *ɸ *β *θ *ð *x *ɣ *xʷ *ɣʷ *s *z


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