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Lilith and the Black Moon

September 5, 2014

Lilith (1892) by John Collier in Southport Atkinson Art Gallery

Lilith (1892) by John Collier in Southport Atkinson Art Gallery

Lilith was known among ancient Sumerians, she has nothing to do with all kind of negative features and characteristics the Jews gave to her later.

Lilith is known as an invisible Earth’s satellite and for this reason she’s called “Black Moon”. Lilith is still used by some astrologers. 5 years ago on August 11 was the total eclipse of the Sun – a major challenge pattern-almost all planets are in a grand cross in fixed signs. This is like an archaeological dig at the psychic level that uncovers buried layers of our experience, a major piece of work that will show its effects over the next several months or longer.

Eclipses are aligned with the Moon’s Nodes, also called the Dragon Head and Tail. The closer the New or Full moon to the Nodes, the more total the eclipse. An eclipse is a literal darkening, representing an important shift in consciousness, as the unconscious takes over for a potent moment in a transference of energy. The face of the Moon covers the face of the Sun and changes its mask. We will actually “see” this New Moon as a silhouette in front of the Sun. She becomes visible in her darkness.

A New Moon is a new birth from the union of the Sun and Moon, enhanced this time by the altered light of such an eclipse.


574500_344652268961155_1368014285_nThis is Tatev xiong, from here on August 11 one can see the beginning of the new year.

According to the ancient Armenian calendar 11 August is the beginning of New year – sunrise in the constellation Orion 4-00 August 11 and on one of the unique in the world “swinging pole” (xiong) indicates on it.

Orion’s Belt in 4.00 a.m. (Armenian time) completely goes out Xiong and became as it is, its natural extension.


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