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Sumerian and Armenian Baba/Ararat and its connection to Constellation Cassiopeia

July 2, 2013

CassiopeiaBaba both in Araratyan (Urartian) myphology and Hurrian sources, and in old Armenian grabar, means a hill, mountain …. In sumerian Lagashu there was a Goddess Baba..

It is interesting that it corresponds to constellation cassiopeia which is represented as a two-hill mountain !!

So, in old times our ancestors worshipped not only the mountain Ararat (Masis) but also the constellation

According to the research by sumerologist Armen Davtyan

represented in “Vardananq” by Vahan Hovannesian


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  1. Yes! Finally something about yoyo.

  2. Keep this going please, great job!

  3. Max permalink

    Unfortunately, I don’t speak Armenian, but I would love to understand the info in the video. I would greatly appreciate if someone translates it into English or give me a link with similar info in English. Thank you very much.

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