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Historicity of the Armenian people (Part 1- Mount Ararat)

June 28, 2013

The first god in Armenia was one of the language’s first sounds, ‘AR’, meaning sun or light. As the source of life, the sun became equated with power and the supreme god. The Armenian mountain Ararat is mentioned as early as ca. 6000 BC in the Sumerian epoch poem Gilgamesh, as the land of the mountains where the gods live. The word Ararat can be divided into three words: AR-AR-AT. AR-AR being a plural form or all encompassing god; ‘AT’ being an archaic version of the Armenian word ‘hat’, which means ‘a piece of’. Thus Ararat meant ‘a piece of gods, or a piece of creation.

The lettercombination Ar- thus describes one of the most ancient Armenian designations. As such the most important and often emotional Armenian words until today start with these two letters (f.e. Arun= Blood, Arev= Sun, Aravot=Morning, Arach=first, etc.. etc…etc… ) hence the name People of AR.

The worship of Armenian sun deity (AR) goes way back to pre-recorded history. The ancient Armenian Wheel of Eternity a symbol attesting to the worship.

Masis (Armenian: Մասիս) is the Armenian name for the peak of Mount Ararat (by the way, there is a town in Armenia, called Masis, in the Ararat Province of Armenia, located on the left bank of the Hrazdan River, 9 km southwest of Yerevan towards the Mount Ararat). Moreover, both  Ararat and Masis are very popular armenian male names.



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